Falling Skies Season 1 Retrospective Review

Falling Skies Season 1 Retrospective Review

Falling Skies was an American TV show that aired from 2011-2015. I’ve recently watched the first season on Netflix and I loved it. The setting has us follow a rag tag resistance regiment after the alien invasion. The characters are living from day to day learning as they go along, which allows us to learn alongside them.


The show takes us into the grit and carnage of an alien invasion and it pulls few punches. Kids have been kidnapped and ‘harnessed’, a process of controlling the children, cities have been destroyed and people die left right and center. Besides this, the characters try to stay strong and fight for their survival and to live another day.


The show feels like Walking Dead but with aliens, however, the fact that the enemy is sentient allows for the show to explore deeper and darker elements of survival. Such as the aliens making a PTSD ridden woman to trade information for supplies.


The show is an exciting look into human nature and what someone will do to survive in the fall of civilization. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that is looking a series to sink their teeth into. I cannot wait to watch the next 4 seasons and hope it keeps up the standard it has already set.

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What is happening in Supernatural?

What is happening in Supernatural?

I have enjoyed the highs and lows of Supernatural ever since I first discovered it. I accepted the style of monsters looking more like humans than the monsters you’d think of, it made sense for budgetary reasons. But season 12 just seems to be spinning it’s wheels constantly. The plot of season 12 seems to be an overt set up of future seasons.


After the literal god tier threat of the previous season, it was always a worry of which direction the show would go in. That being said rehashing Lucifer’s daddy issues was not progressive and kind of boring. They even ended a possible season plot by defeating the Nazi Thule society in a single filler episode much in the same way they threw away the Stein family threat a few seasons earlier. It was a real shame as every other time the Thule society appear they were a credible threat as they were a worldwide organization the Winchester Brothers could not defeat single handed until they did.


Instead, the plot seems to be ‘Where is Kelly?’ and nothing else. It is frustration as it removes Castiel from the group dynamic as he wanders across America. In addition, they set up an obvious next season opposition in the princess of hell, an excuse to use yellow eyed demons again.


Alongside that there is a will they won’t they plot where the brothers are not sure where they will align themselves with the British Men of Letters. Which in an of itself has done a complete 180 from originally trying to kill Winchester brothers.


That being said there has been some episode that I have enjoyed like Episode 10 “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” as it showed that some Angels weren’t the greatest of creatures even before they had to fight the demons in Season 4 and before the fall of the Angels at the end of Season 8. Plus characters like Billie and Arthur Ketch who have been consistent in their stance with the Winchester brothers and always interesting when they showed up. Also, I am so glad that Lucifer is back in his old vessel ‘Nick’ (Mark Pellegrino) as every other actor has been a pale imitation of his performance excluding Misha Collins, also the dick measuring contests between Lucifer and Crowley are always fun.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

All in all Season 12 is not my favourite season as it is so disjointed and aimless, I personally believe Season 6 was more interesting as it had an end goal.

I hope it improves soon. Tell me what you think in the comments or on Twitter.

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Are any of the Lannister children are Secret Targaryens?

Are any of the Lannister children are Secret Targaryens?

It is widely accepted by fans of the Game of Thrones series (Song of Ice and Fire) that the Targaryens will rise again. It is summed up in one phrase, ‘the three heads of the dragon’. The idea is that the phrase refers to the three dragons that Daenerys owns, (Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal) but that the ‘heads of the dragon’ will be their riders. traditionally dragons have only ever been ridden by Targaryens. So the idea becomes who will ride the dragons? The most overt Targaryen is Daenerys, as she amasses her army to claim the Iron Throne.


The second Targaryen as revealed in season 6, and hinted at throughout the books, is Jon Snow. As his mother was Ned’s sister Lyanna and his father was Rhaegar Targaryen.


So the question remains who is the third Targaryen, and as the title hints at it maybe a Lannister sibling. The theory is not originally mine but one devised from avid Game of Thrones fans.


First the idea is that Tyrion is a secret Targaryen as the Mad King had taken interest in Tywin’s wife and raped her before Tywin stopped being the Hand of the King. The Pro’s are that Tyrion’s hair (pale blonde) could be a mix of the both Lannister and Targaryen hair colours. Also in the books, he has one black eye and one green eye which is regarded as mark of mixed blood in Westeros. Furthermore, Tywin states he is unsure whether Tyrion is actually his son lending credence to the theory that the Mad King raped his mother and explains Tywin’s disdain towards Tyrion. That being said there are direct parallels between Tyrion and Tywin that lead some to discredit the idea. For instance, they are both highly intelligent and they share similar personalities as they are both strong political strategists and use people like chess pieces.


However, others believe they Cersei and Jamie could secret Targaryens who’s father would be the Mad King similar to how people claim that Tyrion is the son of the Mad King. However, the Mad King would have raped Tywin’s wife of their wedding day. The idea is supported as the two share they a similar trait to past Targaryen’s of incest. Cersei herself even makes a comment on it in defense to her incest with Jamie. Furthermore, Cersei seems to be taking on a similar role to the Mad King since all of her children have died, as she cares little for the life of anyone but her own and lusts for power. The question would remain, which of them would be the third head of the Dragon?


With that being said I would lean toward Tyrion being a Targaryen as it seems to be the way the books and show are positioning him, giving him a heroic end. That being said I would not put it past George R. R. Martin to pull the rug from under us and make Jamie and Cersei be secret Targaryens only to have Jamie kill Cersei to end her mad reign before it gets too far completing the prophecy of Maggy the Frog and claiming becoming the third head of the dragon.


With that being said tell me what you think in the comments or on Twitter if you want.

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February Favourites!

February Favourites!

I thought I’d give this type of post a try. So even if I struggle to write posts, (which I hope I don’t) I’ll at least have a consistent post each month. With that being said let’s get on with my top 5 favourite things I got/did/discovered over February.

5. Lego Batman



Lego Batman was an enjoyable film that I was, fortunately, able to see in the cinema. It held probably the most Batman easter eggs ever in a film and I enjoyed trying to spot them all. It is was a lot of fun and a great family film. To hear more of my thoughts on the film, I’ll link to my review of it HERE.

4. Darth Vader Pin



Admittedly I’m a casual pin collector thanks to my girlfriend but this pin I’m especially proud of as it looks awesome in my opinion. That being said it is a pin of one of the greatest movie villains ever, how could not add it to my collection.

3. Disney Infinity Figures



For those of you that don’t know, I’ve set myself the monumental task of collecting all of the Marvel and Star Wars Infinity Figures, as well as a few favourites from the regular Disney lines. During one of our trips to the town centre, I and my girlfriend stumbled across a 3 for 2 deal on Disney Infinity figures. In the end, we walked away with a Stitch, Mulan, and Kanan for our collection.

2. Black Mirror



After hearing so much about the show I decided to take a look as it and I loved it. With its clever writing and interesting storylines, it is definitely a show for people looking for something a bit different. It is the Twilight Zone for a new age.

1. Leaving Megalopolis



The 2014, Dark Horse, published comic by Gail Simone (Secret Six, Batgirl) and Jim Calfiore (Exiles, Gotham Underground) is a comic I’ve had in my wishlist for a long time now and finding it for £2.99 and free postage I simply couldn’t resist. It is a fantastic read that takes a look at a world where their superheroes turned against humanity and began hunting them rather than saving them. It is one of my favourite indie comics and I cannot wait to read the follow-up Surviving Megalopolis.

Let me know what some of your favourite things were this month by tweeting at me or commenting below.

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5 Steps of Grief and the Walking Dead.

5 Steps of Grief and the Walking Dead.

The walking dead is a comic and show that perpetuated loss and grief, whether it be Rick dealing with the loss of Lori or Morgan trying to deal with his revived wife. However, no-one suffers more in the Walking Dead than Hershel Greene. Regardless of the medium Hershel loses most of his family as a result of the Apocolypse before being murdered by the Governer. That being said throughout his story he embodies the five steps of grief.


1. Denial:

Hershel refuses to believe his wife, son and neighbours have died but are only sick. He believes keeping them in his barn until there is a cure it the most appropriate things to do and convinces the rest of his family that it the correct corse of action too. His clear refusal of the reality he is in is textbook denial. He believes he is right even when Ricks group tries to convince him otherwise.


2. Anger:

Hershel’s level of anger is different between the show and the comic. After Rick’s group kill the walkers in his barn, he orders them off of his property. In the show, his anger is brief, mostly because a horde attacks his farm forcing him to leave with the group. However, in the comic Hershel forces, Ricks group off his land and doesn’t return to the story until the 3rd volume.


3. Bargaining:

Hershel’s Bargaining comes before anger as he bargains to a higher power for a cure for those he sees as afflicted with a disease, the walkers.


4. Depression:

After the death of the walkers in the barn Hershel got really low. In the comics, he put a gun to his head and attempted to kill himself until Rick stopped him. In the TV show, Hershel turned to alcohol after being sober for years.



After Hershel leaves the farm he learns to accept the reality he lives in. In both the comics and TV show, he becomes a voice of reason with the group, to the point that even Rick Grimes comes to him for advice.


Hershel is just one of the characters that suffer from grief in the walking dead but his character arc highlights the 5 step of grief established by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.

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