Is Edna Mode a reformed Supervillain?

Is Edna Mode a reformed Supervillain?

Edna Mode is an amazing character that stole the hearts of everyone with her few brief appearances. However recent theories have speculated that Edna is a reformed supervillain and today we will look at some of the reasons Edna might be a supervillain.

Edna Mode’s Facility

edna home

Rather than regular gates, Enda’s home has laser gates something resembling a lair of a villain from a James Bond movie. Furthermore, when her security system thought Elastigirl was an intruder, the system tired to kill Elastigirl with a sentry gun. I know Edna is a bit eccentric but it makes more sense if you think of her as a former supervillain. In addition, the methods in which, Edna tests the durability of the Parr family super suits is cool none the less but also screams supervillain.

Contempt for her Guards

edna modes guards

Many supervillains don’t like their underlings e.g. The Joker, Penguin, but Enda seems to have some extra contempt for them like she doesn’t want them there at all. It would be reasonable to assume that is the Government is monitoring heroes that they would also monitor villains too, and might even place guards to make sure she doesn’t do anything to threaten the world. Plus why would a fashion designer need guards for?

Jack-Jack’s Outfit

Jack jack suit

Edna designed a suit for Jack-Jack with various retardants as she didn’t know his power set, even though Helen claimed he had no powers. But how would she know things like the suit needed to withstand 1000 degrees? Was she spying on the Parr family? Maybe we will never know.

A Villain’s Mind

edna villain eyes

Designing Jack-Jack’s suit almost shows forethought about villain’s intention. Did she know that Syndrome would try to kidnap Jack-Jack? She was one step ahead of him in the aid of the Parr family. She claims to be looking for a thrill, that is why she designed the hero costumes. Many villains get bored easily and pry into the lives of the heroes.

Her Dress Sense

Edna mode

Edna is dressed like a modern twist on many Disney villains. She had the cigarette holder much like Cruella Deville and the colour scheme of villains like Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

So what do you think of the theory? Do you like it or think it holds any weight? Let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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