Al Ewing for a Deadpool Comic

Al Ewing for a Deadpool Comic

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After reading Rocket #4 recently, I cannot help but think that Al Ewing (Ultimates, Judge Dredd: Trifecta) would make an awesome writer for the ongoing Deadpool series or one of the Deadpool mini series that keep happening.

Rocket #4

In just an issue he managed to capture the sad clown nature that Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Uncanny Avengers) has taken the character into over the last four years. Not only that but he was able to make the issue an honorary in Nick Spencer’s (Astonishing Ant-man, Bedlam) Secret Empire tie-in even though it wasn’t necessary but he made it seamless.


Marvel Al Ewing stories have a soft spot in my heart as he is able to make you care for the most obscure of characters in comics like New Avengers and Contest of Champions. Not only that he has the ability to tell stories with such scope and heart like his run on Ultimates and MightyAvengers/Captain America and the Mighty Avengers.

rocket and deadpool

I could not tell you what type of story he would tell because he is able to jump in and out of multiple genres but I would be the first in line to buy it.

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March Favourites

March Favourites

It’s the end of the month again already, so it’s time for another favourite’s list for the month of March.

5. Andy the Aardvark

Andy the Aardvark

So for me and my partner’s 2 year anniversary, we decided to visit Chester Zoo because we enjoy day trips to the Zoo, and I had a surprise present of an adopted Crocodile for her. That being said I tend to like some of the ‘weirder’ animals when we go to Zoo’s (they mostly have pig noses). My favourite animal at Chester Zoo is the Aardvark’s as they are always so chill and they sleep all day (something I wish I could do). So as a gift my partner bought me an Aardvark soft toy, which I called Andy as I am really creative with names, and he has taken pride of place on my bedside cabinet.

4. Lilo and Stitch 15th Anniversary Pin


Lilo and Stitch is one of if not my favourite Disney movie. I can watch it whenever it is on any time of the day. So when I saw the 15th Anniversary pin was going to released on the 7th of March, I had to have it.

3. Earth 2 Society issue 22

Earth 2 Society 22

Earth 2 Society issue 22 is the final issue in the Earth 2 saga that started back in 2011 with the New 52 Earth 2. It was a brilliant send off the characters within its pages and I was sad to see it finish but it ended very respectfully and concluded the story with room for them to be used in other stories. If you want to see more of my thoughts on the Earth 2 saga click HERE to read my post on it.

2. Logan


Logan is easily my favourite of the Fox Marvel films. It is a perfect send off to both Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. It is tense, tragic, funny and endearing all at the same time. I would highly recommend it to any X-Men or Wolverine fan. Click HERE to see my full review.

1. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect is my favourite game franchise of all time and the release of Andromeda made me so happy. I know some people have issues with it but I’m fully enjoying the game for what I have played of the game.

Let me know what some of your favourite things were this month by tweeting at me or commenting below.

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(I do not own any of the images in this post. Credit goes to the original artist/owners.)