Why One Punch Man is Awesome!

Why One Punch Man is Awesome!

Admittedly at the point I’m writing this I have only read 4 of the 9 volumes of One Punch Man, but that being said it is one of the best things I am reading at the minute. The series is a parody of the standard Superhero genre. The protagonist Saitama is a direct analog to the Superman motif, he is an overpowered hero that can solve any problem with one punch.


That being said Saitama does not take himself or the world around him too seriously. He is a hero for fun and spends his life just looking for a challenge that he will never find and his frustration at this is so comical.


He is surrounded by a world of comedic straight men, while he just wants to be a hero for fun and get cheap deals at the supermarket. Even his origin seems unreal, to the extent his supporting cast do not believe he simply exercised every day for three years, and that is the source of his power.


One Punch Man is an excellent piece of satire writing, with a well fleshed out world and interesting characters, with Saitama being one of the most interesting. It is well worth the read, or just catch up with the anime as it adapts the source material as it is released.

Thank you for reading!

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