Al Ewing for a Deadpool Comic

Al Ewing for a Deadpool Comic

Hi Guys,

After reading Rocket #4 recently, I cannot help but think that Al Ewing (Ultimates, Judge Dredd: Trifecta) would make an awesome writer for the ongoing Deadpool series or one of the Deadpool mini series that keep happening.

Rocket #4

In just an issue he managed to capture the sad clown nature that Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Uncanny Avengers) has taken the character into over the last four years. Not only that but he was able to make the issue an honorary in Nick Spencer’s (Astonishing Ant-man, Bedlam) Secret Empire tie-in even though it wasn’t necessary but he made it seamless.


Marvel Al Ewing stories have a soft spot in my heart as he is able to make you care for the most obscure of characters in comics like New Avengers and Contest of Champions. Not only that he has the ability to tell stories with such scope and heart like his run on Ultimates and MightyAvengers/Captain America and the Mighty Avengers.

rocket and deadpool

I could not tell you what type of story he would tell because he is able to jump in and out of multiple genres but I would be the first in line to buy it.

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My Top Five Marvel Comics

My Top Five Marvel Comics

Honorary Mention

Infinity Gauntlet (1991): 


The Infinity Gauntlet story was written by  Jim Starlin (Infinity War, Batman: The Cult) and drawn by George Pérez (Infinite Crisis, JLA/Avengers) and Ron Lim (Rann/Thanagar: Holy War, Infinity War), in 1991. It is one of the comics that defined Thanos as one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel universe and is one of the comics that Avengers: Infinity War will draw inspiration from. The states are high right from the off with a snap of Thanos’s fingers and it only ramps up from there. It is a must read for any cosmic Marvel fan.

Ultimates (2015-2016)/Ultimates² (2016-):


Ultimates and Ultimates² is Al Ewing’s (Zombo, Mighty Avengers) epic restructuring of the Marvel cosmic landscape following Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars (2015). With fantastic artists like Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher) and Travel Foreman (Prowler, Constantine) the comic both looks fantastic and reads amazingly. The comic takes risks and delivers on promises it makes with epic reveals throughout the series.

Fantastic Four: The End (2007):


The 6 issue mini series was written and drawn by Alan Davis (JLA: The Nail, Excalibur) in 2007 as part of the Marvel ‘The End’ imprint which imagined a possible conclusion for some of Marvel’s big named characters. The story is about reuniting a broken family as humanity advances out into the stars much to the dismay of other alien races. It is a fantastic book it that highlights the first families influence on the Marvel universe and their family dynamic.

5. Old Man Logan (2008):


This story redefined Wolverine back in 2008 into the character we know him as today, a no-nonsense man with a heart of gold. Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and Steve McNiven (New Avengers, Uncanny Inhumans) were the creative team on the comic and they worked wonders. The post hero world sees Logan trying to make a living until he has to go on a road trip with an aged Hawkeye in order to make ends meat. With all the twists and turns, every page is gripping.

4. Punisher War Zone (2012):


Punisher is my favourite Marvel character so the story where he has to fight the Avengers single-handedly had to make my list. Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman, Cyclops) portrays the Punisher’s single-mindedness very well and captures a the flare of each of the Avengers. Carmine Di Giandomenico’s (Grayson, Flash) art is stunning and captures the bleak tone. It is a must read for any Punisher fan as it caps off the end the Greg Rucka run.

3. Superior Spider-Man (2013-2014):


Superior Spider-Man was a limited series that was a long time coming, the culmination of Dan Slott’s (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, Silver Surfer) Amazing Spider-Man run. The six comic arcs had a rotation of three different artists; Ryan Stegman (Inhuman, She-Hulk), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Runaways) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man, Jonah Hex) all of who bring this story to life. It breathed new life into the Spider-Man mythos as it has had lasting elements in the current Amazing Spider-Man run. A must read for any Spider-Man fan.

2.The Vision (2015-2016):


Tom King (Batman, Grayson) wrote an epic with The Vision, as Vision tries to have a normal life but the world seems to be against him. His family is under constant suspicion by town, he lives in and eventually the Avengers themselves as the family has a hidden secret that begins to tear them apart. The art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Magneto, Astonishing X-Men) is beautiful with epic detail on the Vision family. Finally, the covers alone by Mike Del Mundo (Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), make my day whenever I see them as they portray the Vision family as a regular suburb family.

1. Thanos Rising (2013):


Jason Aaron (Thor, Southern Bastards) and Simone Bianchi (Green Lantern, Thor: For Asgard) bring new depth to my favourite Marvel villain by showing his upbringing as a Deviant in a world of perfect Eternals. the story is a brilliant character study outlining how sadistic Thanos can be.

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Hercules: Still Going Strong Retrospective Review

Hercules: Still Going Strong Retrospective Review

Hercules: Still Going Strong was the first volume in the 2015 series by Dan Abnett (Annihilation: Conquest, Titans Hunt) and Luke Ross (Darth Maul, Totally Awesome Hulk). The series lasted 6 issues before being cut short due to lack of sales, which is a shame as it is a gem of a book.


The comic addresses to how Hercules has always been considered a joke by the other heroes due to his brash nature and disregard for property damage, mostly because of his drinking. In this comic, he has turned over a new leaf and wants to restore his image as the architect of heroes.


The comic pulls from all across mythology to build stakes for Hercules and highlight how he has changed. Enemies arise from pre-stone age monsters to ancient Greek, whilst creating a new big bad that is a threat to all previous mythology.


In addition to Hercules’s interesting rouges gallery, the creative team surround Hercules with a wonderful supporting cast that are more like an extended family to him. They range from his Landlady that convinced him to stop drinking to the washed up demigod Gilgamesh and a Punk rock version of Appollo’s prophet Tiresias.


The comic has a strong ending before it was canceled with Hercules on both a high and a low with hints a more story to tell. It was a shame however that it was canceled before Dan Abnett and Luke Ross could tell the full story they wanted. However, Dan Abnett was fortunate enough the finish his story through the tie-in to Civil War 2, Gods of War. That being said Luke Ross was replaced as the artist with Emilio Laiso (Hack/Slash, Squadron Supreme).


Hercules: Still Going Strong was one of the best comics to come out of Marvel’s All New All Different reshuffling. It is a shame it didn’t get the love it deserves but I hope this review will bring it and it’s sequel Civil Wars 2: Gods of War some more attention and that the creative team gets the praise they deserve.

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March Favourites

March Favourites

It’s the end of the month again already, so it’s time for another favourite’s list for the month of March.

5. Andy the Aardvark

Andy the Aardvark

So for me and my partner’s 2 year anniversary, we decided to visit Chester Zoo because we enjoy day trips to the Zoo, and I had a surprise present of an adopted Crocodile for her. That being said I tend to like some of the ‘weirder’ animals when we go to Zoo’s (they mostly have pig noses). My favourite animal at Chester Zoo is the Aardvark’s as they are always so chill and they sleep all day (something I wish I could do). So as a gift my partner bought me an Aardvark soft toy, which I called Andy as I am really creative with names, and he has taken pride of place on my bedside cabinet.

4. Lilo and Stitch 15th Anniversary Pin


Lilo and Stitch is one of if not my favourite Disney movie. I can watch it whenever it is on any time of the day. So when I saw the 15th Anniversary pin was going to released on the 7th of March, I had to have it.

3. Earth 2 Society issue 22

Earth 2 Society 22

Earth 2 Society issue 22 is the final issue in the Earth 2 saga that started back in 2011 with the New 52 Earth 2. It was a brilliant send off the characters within its pages and I was sad to see it finish but it ended very respectfully and concluded the story with room for them to be used in other stories. If you want to see more of my thoughts on the Earth 2 saga click HERE to read my post on it.

2. Logan


Logan is easily my favourite of the Fox Marvel films. It is a perfect send off to both Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. It is tense, tragic, funny and endearing all at the same time. I would highly recommend it to any X-Men or Wolverine fan. Click HERE to see my full review.

1. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect is my favourite game franchise of all time and the release of Andromeda made me so happy. I know some people have issues with it but I’m fully enjoying the game for what I have played of the game.

Let me know what some of your favourite things were this month by tweeting at me or commenting below.

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Goodbye Earth 2

Goodbye Earth 2

With issue 22 of Earth 2 Society, the long-running story that started back in 2011’s Earth 2 has finally come to an end and I’m sad to see it go. The story has spanned many titles including Earth 2, Worlds’ Finest, Earth 2 World’s End, Convergence and Earth 2 Society. The characters within the group experienced great losses and wins, with the stakes always being high as if a character died they stayed dead for good.


Personally, I have loved every minute of it with interesting characters and a genuine sense of fear for the lives of characters during the attack of Apokolips. The base for the comic was to give new life to the members of the Justice Society of America from the Pre-new 52. It made them younger and placed them on their own world (as the title suggests) and gave them their own problems with a single comic at a time to make it easier to follow the characters much like DC’s Injustice.


I think the experiment worked well as it did not have to tie into the so the writers were able to tell the story they wanted without fear of having to tie into other series. Through the various writers, the story of Earth 2 has finally to a satisfying as they comic started with the death of the Earth 2’s trinity, but through the heroes trials and tribulations they have finally found a sort of peace as they have a new home they can protect with the admiration the world of Earth 2.

Thank you for reading!

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Logan Review (Non-Spoiler)

Logan Review (Non-Spoiler)

I have been excited for the Logan movie ever since the first trailer with the Johnny Cash’s cover of The Hurt. It portrayed a world where Logan is a broken man just looking for some peace for himself and Professor Xavier. The film delivers on this and so much more with a sliver of hope in the form of the little girl (Luara) that Logan has to protect from the Reavers.


The film also pulls from several comic storylines including Old Man Logan and a few others. It also has a few subtle hints at the comics with everything from Logan taking on the name James Howlett and a Wolverine toy in his classic yellow costume.


Everyone in the film plays their role brilliantly with strong performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Dafne Keen as Laura plays a is scary, enduring and loveable all at the same time, a difficult act to pull off. Stephen Merchant is both tragic and hilarious playing every scene brilliantly.


It is easily the best Wolverine movie that Fox has produced and I would even argue it is the best film that Fox has made in the X-Men universe in total. It is a comic book movie where it genuinely had surprising moments. It also used its higher rating with great effect making it feel like a true Wolverine film, where other ones just feel like they’re pulling their punches. It definitely took the right lessons from Deadpool.


Logan is a thrilling film that everyone has to see this year it is the perfect send off to Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine character.

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February Favourites!

February Favourites!

I thought I’d give this type of post a try. So even if I struggle to write posts, (which I hope I don’t) I’ll at least have a consistent post each month. With that being said let’s get on with my top 5 favourite things I got/did/discovered over February.

5. Lego Batman



Lego Batman was an enjoyable film that I was, fortunately, able to see in the cinema. It held probably the most Batman easter eggs ever in a film and I enjoyed trying to spot them all. It is was a lot of fun and a great family film. To hear more of my thoughts on the film, I’ll link to my review of it HERE.

4. Darth Vader Pin



Admittedly I’m a casual pin collector thanks to my girlfriend but this pin I’m especially proud of as it looks awesome in my opinion. That being said it is a pin of one of the greatest movie villains ever, how could not add it to my collection.

3. Disney Infinity Figures



For those of you that don’t know, I’ve set myself the monumental task of collecting all of the Marvel and Star Wars Infinity Figures, as well as a few favourites from the regular Disney lines. During one of our trips to the town centre, I and my girlfriend stumbled across a 3 for 2 deal on Disney Infinity figures. In the end, we walked away with a Stitch, Mulan, and Kanan for our collection.

2. Black Mirror



After hearing so much about the show I decided to take a look as it and I loved it. With its clever writing and interesting storylines, it is definitely a show for people looking for something a bit different. It is the Twilight Zone for a new age.

1. Leaving Megalopolis



The 2014, Dark Horse, published comic by Gail Simone (Secret Six, Batgirl) and Jim Calfiore (Exiles, Gotham Underground) is a comic I’ve had in my wishlist for a long time now and finding it for £2.99 and free postage I simply couldn’t resist. It is a fantastic read that takes a look at a world where their superheroes turned against humanity and began hunting them rather than saving them. It is one of my favourite indie comics and I cannot wait to read the follow-up Surviving Megalopolis.

Let me know what some of your favourite things were this month by tweeting at me or commenting below.

Thank you for reading!

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