The Ables (2015) Retrospective Review

The Ables (2015) Retrospective Review

I first bought the book when Jeremy from Cinema Sins first announce that he was releasing his first book back in 2015. Two years later I decided to read it and I wish I had done it sooner as I could not put it down.

Cinema Sins

The story is about a group of boys aged 12 that first find out they have superpowers and they are our insight to a whole superpowered community with it’s own secret customs and history. It may sound like a played out premise but there is one major difference. All of these children have a disability whether it be physical or mental, and that makes for an interesting read as they try to overcome their disabilities to use their superhuman abilities.

The Ables

The story itself takes many twists and turns but ultimately is about the boy’s journey to understand their powers and how they fit into the world. It was a refreshing breath of fresh air as it was an overall positive outlook on the world and how everyone can make a difference regardless of their difference.

Thank you for reading!

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