Honorary Mention

Infinity Gauntlet (1991): 


The Infinity Gauntlet story was written by  Jim Starlin (Infinity War, Batman: The Cult) and drawn by George Pérez (Infinite Crisis, JLA/Avengers) and Ron Lim (Rann/Thanagar: Holy War, Infinity War), in 1991. It is one of the comics that defined Thanos as one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel universe and is one of the comics that Avengers: Infinity War will draw inspiration from. The states are high right from the off with a snap of Thanos’s fingers and it only ramps up from there. It is a must read for any cosmic Marvel fan.

Ultimates (2015-2016)/Ultimates² (2016-):


Ultimates and Ultimates² is Al Ewing’s (Zombo, Mighty Avengers) epic restructuring of the Marvel cosmic landscape following Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars (2015). With fantastic artists like Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher) and Travel Foreman (Prowler, Constantine) the comic both looks fantastic and reads amazingly. The comic takes risks and delivers on promises it makes with epic reveals throughout the series.

Fantastic Four: The End (2007):


The 6 issue mini series was written and drawn by Alan Davis (JLA: The Nail, Excalibur) in 2007 as part of the Marvel ‘The End’ imprint which imagined a possible conclusion for some of Marvel’s big named characters. The story is about reuniting a broken family as humanity advances out into the stars much to the dismay of other alien races. It is a fantastic book it that highlights the first families influence on the Marvel universe and their family dynamic.

5. Old Man Logan (2008):


This story redefined Wolverine back in 2008 into the character we know him as today, a no-nonsense man with a heart of gold. Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and Steve McNiven (New Avengers, Uncanny Inhumans) were the creative team on the comic and they worked wonders. The post hero world sees Logan trying to make a living until he has to go on a road trip with an aged Hawkeye in order to make ends meat. With all the twists and turns, every page is gripping.

4. Punisher War Zone (2012):


Punisher is my favourite Marvel character so the story where he has to fight the Avengers single-handedly had to make my list. Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman, Cyclops) portrays the Punisher’s single-mindedness very well and captures a the flare of each of the Avengers. Carmine Di Giandomenico’s (Grayson, Flash) art is stunning and captures the bleak tone. It is a must read for any Punisher fan as it caps off the end the Greg Rucka run.

3. Superior Spider-Man (2013-2014):


Superior Spider-Man was a limited series that was a long time coming, the culmination of Dan Slott’s (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, Silver Surfer) Amazing Spider-Man run. The six comic arcs had a rotation of three different artists; Ryan Stegman (Inhuman, She-Hulk), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Runaways) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man, Jonah Hex) all of who bring this story to life. It breathed new life into the Spider-Man mythos as it has had lasting elements in the current Amazing Spider-Man run. A must read for any Spider-Man fan.

2.The Vision (2015-2016):


Tom King (Batman, Grayson) wrote an epic with The Vision, as Vision tries to have a normal life but the world seems to be against him. His family is under constant suspicion by town, he lives in and eventually the Avengers themselves as the family has a hidden secret that begins to tear them apart. The art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Magneto, Astonishing X-Men) is beautiful with epic detail on the Vision family. Finally, the covers alone by Mike Del Mundo (Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), make my day whenever I see them as they portray the Vision family as a regular suburb family.

1. Thanos Rising (2013):


Jason Aaron (Thor, Southern Bastards) and Simone Bianchi (Green Lantern, Thor: For Asgard) bring new depth to my favourite Marvel villain by showing his upbringing as a Deviant in a world of perfect Eternals. the story is a brilliant character study outlining how sadistic Thanos can be.

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