Better late than never but if Disney is still trying to capitalise on Beaty and the Beast why can’t I? I was worried about the film before it came out as I was not sure how they would approach the source material. I was afraid it would be a carbon copy of the 1991 classic. However, I think the film walks the line quite well.


The cast itself is quite strong with my personal favourite being Luke Evans as Gaston, as he embraces the role will so much vigour and enthusiasm. Ewan McGregor as Lumiere and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth play their roles brilliantly playing off of each other to much delight. However, I found Emma Watson as Belle to be a bit flat in some moments but overall a good performance.


The new film allowed Disney to address some of the plot holes made in the animated film, some obviously and some more subtly. The adaption to live action played to the strengths of the actors which only aided the film. Josh Gad as Lefou took full advantage of his role adding in some ‘cheeky’ moments that I quite enjoyed like paying off people in the tavern to sing for Gaston.

B & B servants

The songs were all wonderfully sang as they played into the actor’s strengths and weaknesses in their singing abilities. So the songs may not have been as bombastic as the original but they were all brilliant in the context of the film. Dan Stevens as Beast even got an original song that was great and added to the Beast’s development.


All in all I really enjoyed the new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. It was entertaining with highs and lows all keeping my attention. It is definitely a film people should watch.

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