Hercules: Still Going Strong was the first volume in the 2015 series by Dan Abnett (Annihilation: Conquest, Titans Hunt) and Luke Ross (Darth Maul, Totally Awesome Hulk). The series lasted 6 issues before being cut short due to lack of sales, which is a shame as it is a gem of a book.


The comic addresses to how Hercules has always been considered a joke by the other heroes due to his brash nature and disregard for property damage, mostly because of his drinking. In this comic, he has turned over a new leaf and wants to restore his image as the architect of heroes.


The comic pulls from all across mythology to build stakes for Hercules and highlight how he has changed. Enemies arise from pre-stone age monsters to ancient Greek, whilst creating a new big bad that is a threat to all previous mythology.


In addition to Hercules’s interesting rouges gallery, the creative team surround Hercules with a wonderful supporting cast that are more like an extended family to him. They range from his Landlady that convinced him to stop drinking to the washed up demigod Gilgamesh and a Punk rock version of Appollo’s prophet Tiresias.


The comic has a strong ending before it was canceled with Hercules on both a high and a low with hints a more story to tell. It was a shame however that it was canceled before Dan Abnett and Luke Ross could tell the full story they wanted. However, Dan Abnett was fortunate enough the finish his story through the tie-in to Civil War 2, Gods of War. That being said Luke Ross was replaced as the artist with Emilio Laiso (Hack/Slash, Squadron Supreme).


Hercules: Still Going Strong was one of the best comics to come out of Marvel’s All New All Different reshuffling. It is a shame it didn’t get the love it deserves but I hope this review will bring it and it’s sequel Civil Wars 2: Gods of War some more attention and that the creative team gets the praise they deserve.

Thank you for reading!

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(I do not own any of the images in this post. Credit goes to the original artist/owners.)

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