I have been excited for the Logan movie ever since the first trailer with the Johnny Cash’s cover of The Hurt. It portrayed a world where Logan is a broken man just looking for some peace for himself and Professor Xavier. The film delivers on this and so much more with a sliver of hope in the form of the little girl (Luara) that Logan has to protect from the Reavers.


The film also pulls from several comic storylines including Old Man Logan and a few others. It also has a few subtle hints at the comics with everything from Logan taking on the name James Howlett and a Wolverine toy in his classic yellow costume.


Everyone in the film plays their role brilliantly with strong performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Dafne Keen as Laura plays a is scary, enduring and loveable all at the same time, a difficult act to pull off. Stephen Merchant is both tragic and hilarious playing every scene brilliantly.


It is easily the best Wolverine movie that Fox has produced and I would even argue it is the best film that Fox has made in the X-Men universe in total. It is a comic book movie where it genuinely had surprising moments. It also used its higher rating with great effect making it feel like a true Wolverine film, where other ones just feel like they’re pulling their punches. It definitely took the right lessons from Deadpool.


Logan is a thrilling film that everyone has to see this year it is the perfect send off to Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine character.

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